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Rundel Datentechnik is your reliable online source for palmtops, handhelds, Pocket PCs, accessories and services. Please follow the links on the left side or below to get to our online catalogs, data sheets and other sections.

HP 200LX and other DOS palmtops

Windows CE

(under construction)

Sharp Zaurus PDA
with Linux operating system

HP Calculators

Accessories (memory and network cards, cases, software and more)


We recently modified the structure of our site, so the information you are looking for may have been moved. General accessories are now listed in the "accessories" section and can no longer be found in the PDA sections. Please send us an email if you have problems finding specific information or products.

Palmtop/PDA User Group Meeting

The next meeting of the German Palmtop/PDA User Group will take place in May 2004 in Waiblingen (near Stuttgart). Everybody is welcome to attend these meetings, where we talk about mobile computing and lots of other things. Please send an email if you have any questions, or if you would like to get directions or the dates of the next meetings. You may also request to be added to the user group mailing list so that you receive invitations to all future meetings automatically by email.

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To browse visit Here.

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