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Ordering and Shipping

We are set up to ship our Palmtop products everywhere around the world. You may order by phone, fax or E-Mail. Please use the Order Form which you can request online in order to insure that we get all information that we need to process your order without delay.

The latest prices are available in our Online Pricelist. We are sorry but we don't have a printed catalog any more. All information is published here immediately.


We do not accept any credit cards, nor do we send our products COD (cash on delivery). As soon as you fax or email the order form, we will return a proforma invoice by email with instructions on how to pay by PayPal, PayBox or by money transfer to our bank account. You may then pay the amount due, and upon receipt of your payment we will immediately ship your order.


Shipping is available either by regular Mail, Air Mail or UPS. The latter is usually the most expensive (except for shipments in Germany and a few other destinations near Germany) but also the fastest. If you don't specify the shipping method you want we send by Air Mail which takes about 1 week to European destinations, and 2 to 3 weeks overseas. The speed (or slowness) of your local customs office will also be a factor.


It depends on the destination, in other words the country where we are shipping to, whether we need to add sales tax (VAT) to our prices or not, and also whether you need to pay import duties or not.
Destination country: Sales Tax (currently 16%), to be charged by us and listed on our invoice Import Duties, to be charged by local customs office
Germany Yes No 
European Community country No, if the goods are ordered by a company and the company provides the tax registration number (VAT ID) on the order form. See below for a list of EEC countries. 

Yes, in all other cases. 

All other countries No  Yes

If goods are sent to companies in other countries of the EEC (European Economic Community), no sales tax needs to be charged by the sender of the goods if the recipient specifies the VAT ID number of his company on the order form. Note that this applies only to company purchases with an official Purchase Order. All private orders are charged 16% sales tax.

The following list contains translations of the term "VAT ID number" for all countries of the EEC.
Country "VAT ID number" identification
Austria UID-NR.
Belgium N° TVA
Denmark SE-nr
Finland ALV-NRO
France Numéro d´ identification á la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée
Germany USt-Id. Nr.
Greece A.F.M.
Ireland VAT NO
Italy P. IVA
Luxembourg (same as France)
Netherlands OB nummer
Portugal NIPC
Spain N.I.F.
Sweden MOMS-Nr.
United Kingdom VAT REG NO

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